D&AD – Visual Language

For my D&AD Adobe brief, I am looking at what wisdom I have learnt in over coming Anxiety attacks, and believing in myself that I can risks and push through hard times.

I am concentrating on the three phrases I have come up with:

  1. Don’t be afraid to fail
  2. Trust yourself
  3. Listen to your own language

After a tutorial with my tutor, it was clear that any idea I had, had, I was being to literal and almost describing what wisdom is. Not what wisdom means to ME. So in order to communicate MY experience of gaining wisdom, I have been encouraged to go down a more abstract route in terms of illustration and/or design. Still without words!

At first I was thinking of a visual language, of how to tell these three key phrases to people. I looked in Sign Language.

However, I couldn’t help but keep thinking; I am not communicating just to people with hearing difficulties, I want to communicate MY interpretation of wisdom, and try to get across my own visual language, that other people could maybe use for themselves.


So I looked into spiritual art idea’s and the art of people in recovery. I found some interesting images, both digital and illustration, that visual look appealing, and not overly abstract.

Looking at all of these, quick search images, I could see a distinct representation of people’s beliefs and self recoveries. However I thought that not one of them said all three of my phrases. There doesn’t seem to be anything in there that says ‘don’t be afraid to fail’. Nothing about language, which doesn’t have words. However I do like the more abstract, expressionism of the three canvas entitled ‘express yourself’. This is something I wanted to venture into.

A more expressive, abstract art form, that could possible tell all three key phrases…





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