Summer Show Designs

Direction notes:

Process being a ‘curated’ part of the show. Looking at ‘making’ as being part of the final exhibition/ Journey of a project. Think about a new title. Think about the potential graphic language of the exhibition design. Think about activity and live making. Workshops.


On the direction from the feedback notes, I was appointed to design a possible catalogue design, which could be adjusted to create advertising for social media and other area of promotion.

Taking the idea of curation, making, live workshops, and the journey coming together, as a whole, all together (students and work related). I wanted to create something super simple, and which could be produced in multiple colours, and which could be identified easily.

I used a hierarchy of type, to formulate a direction in which the ‘heading’ for the promotions could be.

Opting to use a  clear readable text, we chose Franklin Gothic. It is a similar font to the The Cass font of the university brand, and it is easy to read. Making the title ‘Creative Process’ the biggest, then following with ‘student exhibition’ to highlight what the title is for. Then The Cass in a slimmer typeface to add contrast to sit on its own, making people read the bold important font first. The type is offset, but still to a grid, to give the title an eye catching appeal.

Then using this, the design for promotion was based on a jigsaw shape, simple, easy, clear and meaning to work together to form the whole picture, in this case whole exhibition.

The information of text goes within the jigsaw shape to give the text a placeholder, and utilising the space of the shape. (above) Showcasing the different colours of the risograph printer.

Then using this design, and placing it within different scenarios to form a continuity of advertising and promoting.

See my next post here, for our final presentation slides.



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