Finding Beauty

After the lecture on Elements of Design and finding beauty in our locations, with Ricardo, I chose to look more specifically at the architecture of Liverpool Street Station. I took notice at the roof structure of the station, due to the complexity and simplicity of the structure. Straight beams intersecting with each other supporting a transparent roof. I find large structures fascinating due to the beautiful engineering that is put together to form this wonderful interior roof.

In light of my new findings, I decided upon taking an abstract approach to some drawings. As this current brief is about creating visuals on our experiences and feelings of the location, I took the feeling of this roof and made some line drawings.


I took a first approach with a ruler and pen and just made straight, varied thickness of lines, intersecting. The second approach I took a brush pen to see how the same sort of design would look in a more organic line. I think decided that maybe I could use the organic drawings of people, with a straight mechanical line drawing together, as this communicates the Station in a contrasted fashion. I took a digital approach and created a series of patterns based on the station roof design.

I then starting creating very organic simple drawings of crowds of people within Liverpool street. stereotyping people with wearing suits, carry bags, standing waiting, walking fast…etc.


I then took starting cutting out the people and placing them in a random arrangement on the line drawings. I feel this has started to create the feeling I get from drifting around Liverpool Street Station. The lines are representing the structure of the building, a feeling of order, control and fixed position. The people are the organic, none detailed essence, that brings the station to life, buzzing around in all directions. I am starting to develop some digital forms of these art works, and hope to bring them into print process soon!





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