Between the Lines

My new found beauty from a my previous derive, which inspired me to do these abstract line illustrations to communicate my experience of Liverpool Street Station, has now inspired me to take a typographical approach too!

For a final deliverable outcome, I am aiming towards creating 6 prints which are displayed inside a box (subject to brief restrictions).

For my box to be a display piece in itself, I will decorate with the title of my piece. From my previous letterpress workshop, I had created a title and played around with setting type, with colours. However I feel that approach was a bit rushed, and now I have settled into this project, my title has changed to; BETWEEN THE LINES.

This communicates a few things. The artwork themselves, which consist of lines. The lines of a train track. The fact that Liverpool street station is a building, which is set between different lines of a train service, therefore, people are using the building to change ‘Between lines’. And also, a Derive is said to encourage thinking, looking and experiencing an area in a way that you never have before, looking between the lines (metaphorically) of the experience of the norm.

Taken from my sketches on different approaches of type, I set up some digital type and produced a few different designs I liked. Trying to be playful with the word, and lettering itself, and the idea of what the title could ‘look like’ on display.

Below are the digital designs, clean lines, Franklin Gothic font. I used this font as it is a clear, bold font to read. Also it has the san serif edges that I require to run lines off the letters.

From here, I chose my favourite design which I think communicates the prints inside a box well. The design I chose has a benefits of looking like the words are between the lines. I like the aesthetics of the different line weights which move off the letters, making the title font more consistent and thus, easier to see and notice. Grabbing an image of the box I want to use, I then proceeded to place my design onto the box, in Photoshop, to give me an idea of how this will look.


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