FMP – Deeper Meaning

In search of a way to move my FMP forward, I have stepped outside of the Bethlam Hospital, and into the public world. For my FMP proposal I wanted to aim towards working to a sequential narrative, using images and words, using horror stories to illustrate from. My research in to a few different artists demonstrates that art can be a therapy for mental health patients, as shown in my previous post about the bethlem gallery.

Now, I that comic/sequential art can also be used to communicate this health issue in a more approachable manner. Artist Sylvie Reuter, uses her ability to produce art, to communicate these types of messages. Through clever metaphorical means of imagery, she is able to show what it is like to live with mental health issue, not just write them down.

In light of this new artist research, I am back to what my proposal suggested I wanted to do, however, I am still without a story. Focussing on horror stories is a tough one. Not a lot of mainstream comics dive into horror stories, as they tend to struggle with the atomosphere which horror should/could contain. This makes people turn away, and perhaps watch a movie, easier, simple. But Reuter creates this incredible dark feeling, progressing through out the narrative, and the mood completely changes from beginning to end. The second, I think, creates a realisation of what the subconscious mind can do in order to create negativity, which some people have to live with everyday.

After tutorial

After a tutorial with my tutor, it was suggested that I look into some of causes of mental health issues of today, and how they are effecting our generation, and perhaps use my findings as horror stories themselves. Thus, creating a communication piece of work, relating to society, of today, to show how scary the world can be, to make people develop these horrible conditions.



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