Liverpool Street Station Art Research

As I have found a way through the workshops, the development, the sketches and designs, I thought it to be in my best interest to see if their are any artists out there that have a similar design based on what I have come up with.

As our final deliverable is to be a series of prints I thought it would be good to find out some artists that have produced prints based around this station; And behold I have!

Edward Bowden, produced a 5 foot long lino cut of the station, as he was fascinated with the iron-work of the roof.

This is a piece I do like. The detail is quite overwhelming for a lino print. The use of the colour palette is trying to suggest a smoke filled London, which is something I should consider within my work.

Another I found, was James Allen. James has captured the movement and the art of mark making to ‘Freeze time in motion’. Using charcoal he is able to create these almost alive drawings and captures the atmosphere of the interior of Liverpool Street Station wonderfully.


This ‘Capturing of movement’ is something I want to show in my final moving image outcome. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT!!!!!!


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