Internship placement – Creating Form

I had the delight of working with Year 2 children today. Aged from 6 to 7. I was welcomed into the class and was introduced to the children. The children all sat on the floor as I gave a talk about who I am and what I do. I explained about my practice as an illustrator and what I do at University. I then showed some of my artwork and presented them with some of the tools I use, like my mechanical pencils and fine liner pens and such.

This class had recently been learning about the solar system, so I thought it would be a good opportunity for them to learn how to draw planets.

On the back of this, I also demonstrated how to achieve form/3D but shading and how perspective works.

I explained to them how a light can fall on an object (a circle in this case for a planet) to create a light and dark side, and why shading areas is important to create a 3D appearing object.

After this I demonstrated how to create a 3D cube by drawing the perspective sides of a cube, which I got the pupils to shade in an area if there was light on it.

I had a group of about 8 children at a time, of which they rotated so everyone got a turn to join in my ‘Creating Form Workshop’.

Below is some of the work the children produced today.



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