Between The Lines – Letterpress

A very productive day in the Letterpress room! From my previous post of how the title has changed of this project, I had prepared my typographical title page/box front for this project. Going from a digital approach back to an analogue (handmade) development is something I do from time to time. Using digital platforms, like Photoshop and InDesign, I appreciate the ease of manipulating text and image without wasting lots of paper. Saving the tree’s, some might say.

So, as I had my typographical design in place, I wanted to letterpress the final design onto a corrugated cardboard flat pack box.

The corrugated material, was the most difficult thing about this process. Letter pressing is great, once all the letters are set up, its a matter of measuring twice, and doing lots of trial runs. However the corrugated cardboard was not an easy material to press onto. It is ‘spongy’ as it is layered card, it allows a bit of bleed from the ink, thus the letter tend to not look so sharp. However, these are problems in which the tutor (Kim) guided me through, and it was an educational experience. Applying different amounts of ink onto the letters and adjusting the height of the press machine rollers, helped alleviate some of the difficulty.

As my digital design has these lines coming off from the text, I wanted to replicate this by hand. Kim gave me a few options of using the edges of pieces of paper, and using my finger, with some ink, to dab onto the page. Also, there was the option of masking off the areas with masking tape. Of which I adapted this idea of cutting out slots in the middle of the masking tape. These roved to work, but the lines never can out as delicately and sharp was I wanted them. Therefore, after some trials, I had decided to leave the print on top the box as just typography. The print came out so brilliantly, that I did not want to ruin it. Perhaps with a few trials, and if I had purchased more card to try out on, I would do this.


So as it stands, the print came out very well. I worked around the difficult issues and pushed through to a produce a good print for a limited edition box front.




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