Internship Placement – Mother’s Day

At my intern placement today, I had the joy of helping the children with making special Mother’s Day gifts. Templates were made for the children to cut out a teapot. Tissue paper, pens and colouring equipment, were out for the children to do some personal decorations and tissue paper flower making. To make their own unique mother’s day gift for each of their mothers.

Today’s task was a helping out task mainly. I helped some children who needed help with cutting out shapes, punching holes SAFELY to cut internal shapes, and guiding the children on how to make flowers with tissue paper.

Today was about getting the children to make their own unique things without getting involved to much with the process, as it had to be the children who had made them. However, I also made my own whilst sitting at different tables to help out.

Love the fact that one of the children said that their mum can tidy up on mother’s day (see picture above)





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