Screenprinting failure

Today was not my day for screen printing.

I had been trying to do screen print for 2 weeks, and finally the room was free to use. I had images prepared, clean screens and a whole day in which to make some prints. The light sensitive emulsion went onto the screen. It dried. I exposed my images, got my work area set up, all in a morning. Ready with the pressure washer, only to find out after a bit of a spray with the water the designs just began to melt away.


so now, my time had been pushed back a few hours as I had to begin a clean up session, before id even started. After a discussion as it to why this may have happened, it seems the emulsion had been left out in the open, and unknowing to current students it had also been a problem in the past. As well, a mistake I made by not giving the screen enough exposure time, the emulsion had not set properly, thus, it melted away.

After a scrub clean screen, I began with a different pot of emulsion, and waited a few hours to expose the design to the screen again. This time I made sure the exposure time was set correctly on the machine, and I thought all was well.

The end of the day was nigh. Back to pressure washer to get a print ready screen, but the design just melted away once more. Time had run out, my patience had run out. So no screen printing had happen.

I tried, and it failed.

Til next time!



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