Internship placement – Colour Theory

Interning at Richmond School I had the opportunity to work with their youngest pupils; Year One Class. The children sat and listened as I introduced myself to them, and told them what we are going to do today.

I had previously asked the teacher what sort of thing she would like me to do for them, and it was suggested some colour theory i.e primary colours and secondary colours.

In the morning, I created a template colour wheel for the children.

I coloured one in, so that when I was introducing the workshop to the children they could understand what a colour wheel is.

I explain to the children what the primary colours are, and why they are primary colours. I told them that mixing the certain colours can create secondary colours, and how it is arranged on a colour wheel. I went onto explain how adding white to a colour creates a tint (lighter) of a chosen colour, and how adding black becomes a shade (darker) of a chosen colour.

I was working in groups of 6 at a time, and helped the children wherever they needed help, i made sure that by the end of the workshop they knew the difference between primary and secondary colours, and above all asked them if they had fun.

A successful messy, paint filled day with 5 to 6 year olds was a handful, but it was very enjoyable.

Above is an example on one child’s work (forgot to take more pictures)




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