Between The Lines – Outcome

A final crit for end of project two. I was delighted with my outcome, and the way it was presented. In the crit I explained my work and final outcome throughout the development of my project. The feedback I got was good, with some further updates to the project towards final submission, I am in a good place with it.

Feedback Notes:

  • Make sure I get a Screenprint made of the final designs
  • Use my architectural designs within my moving image
  • Look at artist Anthony Gomley
  • Think about bigger outcome as an edition piece
  • Try to produce a 3D object


The idea behind my final outcome is to represent my derive through Liverpool Street Station. First of all my title; Between The Lines is to illustrate the work itself and the derive. To explain, the idea behind the title is to subtly suggest that ‘The Lines’ are the train line which go through Liverpool Street Station. The ‘Between’ is the station’s building itself, as people move through the building they are (possibly) going from one train line to another, therefore the ‘Between’ is to represent the building between train lines. As well as that, the title as a whole is a metaphor for a derive. A derive is to look at a place in a way that you wouldn’t normally look at, therefore, looking between the lines of something and finding the unusual or anything that grabs attention that wouldn’t usually.


The box was a deliverable to the project, to hold or contain the final prints. To incorporate letterpress workshop into the piece, I decided on using letterpress to print straight onto the box. Therefore making the box a piece of the outcome itself. Not just ‘a box’.


The prints where a restricted size, due to the size of the box, however, this was not a problem as they become something small enough to hold and be looked at by touching. The prints are to the screen printed, which will present the deliverable of the print technique outcome/deliverable. On the back of the prints are quotes from Liverpool Street Station’s announcement voice over to the public/commuters. This gave the prints, and the designs, a representation of reportage. The whole piece has a direct link back to the station as reportage/derive and tells the narrative of my experience and observations of the Station/area.


For the moving image, I went back to using the digital lino print artworks, as I didn’t want to waste an outcome of work. I used them to create a realisation of the station with actual recorded sounds from the station.

I used the narrative of subtle details and enhanced them into the moving image (above). You will notice the metro free newspaper stand appear and disappear. The same happens to a hooded figure, as well as a figure appear at the end. This is to show that some things go unnoticed and it is only when you look for them do they appear, but at the same time as looking at these details, you wont be noticing other details.







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