FMP – Mental health awareness

For my FMP I am working towards creating a series of artworks in narrative about the awareness of Mental Health issues, but with a much more impactful message, a strong voice of today’s society of triggers. More research I have uncovered is from Mental Health Website, of which whom have started their I’M FINE campaign. A very strong campaign on why people do not want to talk about their feelings and why a vast majority of people lie about how they feel.

This is a strong message and new way of talking about mental health as a whole. As a design piece I have taken note of the companies posters and message, artwork and typography, as well as their message as a whole.

The I’M FINE poster has strong use of text, sends a good direct message, and (in my opinion) will get people to stop and think about how they actually feel. The colour pallet is a very cold blue, make the poster feel a bit clinical. The use of blurring is something I can’t quite come to grips with, not really sure why some parts are blurred.

This is a good starting point, I will think about this design approach.




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