FMP – Artist Research: Melissa Sandstrom

In terms of research for artists, I have found an artist whom is a Graphic Designer + Illustrator. Melissa Sandstrom. Featured artist on Cargo Collective, a website for artists to promote themselves, Melissa has created a campaign for ALIVE Mental Health Fair. The ALIVE Mental Health Fair is an educational suicide prevention program aimed at college students.

Melissa created an unified campaign to combat stress using expressive typography and colour, resulting in a campaign that engages the audience and provides them with the resources needed to obtain a healthy mental state.


A great new view on a campaign. The designs look as though they have been considered, in the way they use the language to discuss mental health troubles. The typography used is clear, illustrative, and has great composition purposes. The colour pallet used is consistent throughout the posters and the booklets. The poster designs have a narrative/story to tell. As a combination of text and image, this is a very conventional approach. This is a good campaign to encourage getting help and to give a good overview of mental health awareness. Unlike my previous research, here Melissa is using photography with actual people, which can provide a real sense of the problems, but does not really provide people with the darkness of this subject.


However, it is a good contrast  to the other things I have looked at, and will take note of the language and typography being used.


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