FMP – Artist Research: Shawn Coss

Looking for artists that have done work for Mental Health awareness I have come across artist Shawn Coss. Quite famous for a cartoon piece called Cyanide And Happiness, I have found that he has created some personal pieces for last year #inktober.

An artwork a day for October he created some weird and wonderful pieces to show awareness to mental health illnesses.


Each piece Shawn has created (in my opinion) sends such a horrifying, but positive message. Mental health is a dark subject and its shouldn’t be a hidden subject. I think, showing the darker side of mental health actually makes the darkness seem a little brighter. To me, these images do just that. The creatures, human like, figures give mental health a different spin, almost as if the creature are the illnesses themselves. The artwork style demonstrates the stress and tiredness of the mental health issues, as well as this overgrown horrible creature that some people have to live with.

As pieces in themselves, they are great. It does not necessarily tell the audience what the triggers are, or how to overcome these problematic troubles, but the style and atmosphere of these images, are something I will hopefully portray into my own artworks.





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