FMP – Artist Research: Toby Allen

Doing some further artist research into artists that have created illustrations for Mental Health awareness, I have come across artist Toby Allen. Toby is an alumni from Plymouth University, whom received a first class degree in illustration. He is currently producing an ongoing project entitled Real Monsters. Combining text and image, Allen had created monster creatures to represent the different observations of mental health illnesses.


I love this project of Toby’s. Toby is giving a fantasy creature approach to discuss this darkened subject. The theme of monsters are a good representation of the type of problematic troubles the mental issues provide. The use of text is a beautifully descriptive piece, describing each monster as though it is has the personality of that mental health issue being described. As a way of teaching people about mental health this is a great concept, something very approachable.  I can see this being made into a publication, or a series of prints in mental health awareness campaign. Something for children, with an adult appeal too.




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