FMP – Time To Change

A campaign associated with Mind and Rethink Mental Illness called Time To Change has caught my eye in terms of helping mental health awareness, and the message it sends.

Their campaign, and message, is about how the attitudes of others stop people with mental health problems getting the help and support they need. They are saying that too many people with mental health problems are made to feel isolated, ashamed and worthless. With creating a campaign to encourage people with mental health troubles to start talking, and getting the help they need, it is time to change the way people react to mental health.

The message is clear about the support mental health issue require, and how its important to be aware and alert of the people that struggle.

#inyourcorner is a campaign tagline they use in order to look for awareness in other people, and how if you see a difference in someone, its always best to speak out and make it comfortable to talk about problems. In terms of design, this is a very stereotypical approach, in the images used. I think, when using photography, or images of real people it should be real considered in the message trying to be sent. I find myself looking at this thinking ‘Teenagers in council block flats have issues’. The use of typography seems to be of a letterpress style, combined with computer typography. The fonts are all different, and the arrangement of text is eye catching, but unsettling for a graphic designer (the tilt of the tagline time to change).

Then we have there social media badges and cards. These are very approachable and friendly to look at. The colours are striking and the illustrations are very universal in what they are trying to say. The design of these are consistent and considered, and gets straight to the point.

These two posters are of a similar design. What I like about these most is the language used. It is direct, clear, and is telling audience something, not just asking, but telling. The use of mainly just text is a strong idea, yet the help of illustrations could have been considered.




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