Internship placement – More Colour Theory

Interning at Richmond School I had the opportunity to work with their youngest pupils; Year One Class, the second half of the class from my previous post. The children sat and listened as I introduced myself to them, and told them what we are going to do today.


I was working in groups of 6 at a time, and helped the children wherever they needed help, I made sure that by the end of the workshop they knew the difference between primary and secondary colours, and above all asked them if they had fun. I think it is good for early age children to understand how different colours are mixed from primary colours, as it helps the them develop further skills into colour theory later on in education.

The children I was working with today, had a good basic understanding, and by the end of the day they also knew how to make shades and tints from colours.

Also with this class I also gave the children some painting techniques, such as: properly cleaning the brush before and after using a colour, only using tiny amount of paint needed, and most of all how to not make to much of a mess 🙂

In this session I managed to take a few more pictures of the work in progress.


A good day of well behaved children, and a fun painting afternoon!



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