Between The Lines – Further Outcomes

After my tutorial/crit, which I spoke about in a previous post here, I had a few further things to improve on. I have since then managed to create the series of illustrations into 3D objects. This has been a good outcome as I have found that it is great to be able to hold my illustrations and look at them in space. I have been able to demonstrate a progress of transferable skills; from illustrations, to digital artwork, to print, then adapted to wood/3D Material. Having the designs in 3D has given me the opportunity to create shadows, which represent the actual futuristic architecture structure these illustrations represent from my derive through Liverpool Street Station.


With the designs now 3D, I want to create shadows to stand within.

This is a digital rendition of what I have in mind. Up until final assessment I will work on trying to produce something like this.


On top of this I have gone back to my moving image and adapted these designs into it. In order to try and create the idea of people moving through space, I have used these designs as a back drop, which moves independently to the foreground people. As I have added these designs it give the moving image a bit more substance and gives suggestion to a futuristic building people are walking through. Plus, it creates a further abstract representation of my experience/derive through Liverpool Street Station.




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