FMP – Church Of Type

I have recently been introduced to the company Church Of Type. It is one of the most prolific print making studios in America.

I have shifted in the idea of making my FMP project a letterpress based outcome. I went to the letterpress technician Kim Vousten, and asked some advice on what sort of designs might help illustrate Mental Health, and the awareness of the darkness around its troubling presence. I am trying to stay away from a final outcome of a campaign, and was open to further ideas. I am basing my first initial designs around creating a humanised creature, to illustrate how Mental Illness can have horrifying effects on the body as much as the mind. With this in mind, Kim then showed me Church Of Type.

Some incredible work I have never seen the likes of before. Not only do they produce type set design in the traditional sense, but they also take it a step further, with the use of lino printing, to create illustrative designs from metal and wood letterpress. My most favourite of their works are the Robot Sessions, as seen below)

As way of relieving some symptoms of Mental Health, especially depression and anxiety, people are encouraged to write down their feelings and thoughts; either to keep, throw, burn or destroy. This form of treatment is about clearing the mind, unloading thoughts, organising thoughts, and above all getting the person to concentrate of writing (handwriting) to distract them from other symptoms; such as twitches, muscle aches, aches and pains.

This is one of the reasons why I want to create a typographical based project, but also because I have not done much letterpress within my studies, and I want to fulfil my time with experimenting more…who knows, I might be good at it!

For a more abstract approach I also found that Church Of Type have also started selling prints which are based from relief prints of scrap paper. As the designs are overlapped and not set in any particular way, the paper being used then builds up an abstract and weird design of its own. (as seen below) This is something I will keep in mind when trying to create wonderful mistakes, and letting the creativity guide me.







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