Online Portfolio

As part of the Design Competition module I have to create a virtual voice/presence for myself. An online portfolio is all the range right now. with websites/platforms such as Squaresapce, Wix, Behance (adobe), etc…they do most of the hard work for you by having a set out templates and easy to use interfaces with allows you to make a fully professional looking website/online portfolio.

Being a student, my funds are limited, therefore I only want to use free websites to create my virtual voice at the moment. Once I feel it appropriate, and I have established myself in the creative industry, I will then create my own domain url. For now I looked at the various said websites, and I opted to go with WIX.

There are hundreds and thousands of online portfolios out there. It is a scary thought to be within such a vast amount of talent. However, I used this to my advantage and surfed the web for the best and most noticeable online portfolios. I based my research around what was out in the world already in terms of creative artists portfolios. I looked at what colour themes they based there website on. I looked at what their homepages looked like. I looked at what links they had along the top of the site, along the sides, and along the bottom. I also look at what platform they used. I then looked at how their work was displayed, if there where any grid patterns used and how they linked to other pages. All this research and notes about others’ portfolios can be found in my sketchbook.

For this blog, I want to show you how I made my online portfolio. I opted for a very very very simple, clean, white and black theme. I did not want any distractions to take the viewer away from my work. I had very few buttons, I only had my name, which lead back to the main homepage, and a contact/about button; this holds a bit about who I am and also a downloadable copy of my CV. At the bottom of each page I utilised this space to ‘Call To Action’ buttons. Email address, my phone number, social media links. I used a 3X3 grid layout to display my work, as it fits well across and 1080p computer screen. And of course, not forgetting, that WIX already applies the mobile theme to work across mobile devices, so no extra work needed to be thought of there.

For my artwork, I wanted to showcase as much as possible. As I do not specialise in anything particular at the moment, its good for the viewer/future client to see as much of what I can do as possible. I showcased some professional client work, to show the viewer I have worked professionally before. I showcased my personal sketches and figure studies, as this gives a good indication of precision abilities to draw. I then displayed some work across the range from college to my third year at university.

Bellow are some screen shots of my online portfolio, and here is the link to see it for yourself!



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