FMP – Letter Press Experiments

I had pre-planned a whole day in the letterpress suite, in order to start creating imagery for my FMP. Not only illustrative type work, but also to document the process, in video, pictures, and sound. The day started off, slow. It was ok, to generate ideas it takes time. This is why I planned to be there all day.

I had started off with just simple black ink presses, just making repetitive patterns to help get rid of the blank canvas (so to speak). I went into this process with a clear mind, not expecting anything in particular. Just to have fun, see what came around and just do some printing. I knew ideas would formulate in time. I was, at first, only using letters such as Z and X as they have a straight shape to them and are very symmetrical. I started creating some patterns and used a template to keep the prints straight.

This then led me to work methodically. As I was producing prints, I was thinking about how I was doing them and changed an element to create different prints. For example; I was using singular letters in a vertical direction, therefore, I change to triple letters and rotated them. I then used the template to make a border of A3 size, so now I was moving vertical AND horizontal. I then changed it up again and created patterns/shapes in circular arrangements









I was now beginning to look at the letters as shapes, and designs, and not looking at the letter as a reading element. This propelled me to further the changes of my working to create even further abstract, yet considered, illustrative designs using type. Again, I wasn’t looking for anything particular, but I knew I was on the right path to making something weird and wonderful…





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