A day of screen printing

For the Between The Lines project (project 2), I initially wanted to screen print my final designs, but that did not turn out too well, see previous screenprinting post here.


I did not give up and I went back into the print room to re-do this process and see what kind of results I got. I went in a bit sceptical, with only two designs out of the final four, just incase. Now I know I should have got in with all four! Nonetheless, I was productive, and everything went too plan, as much of a plan as I had, which was not plan, I just hoped it would work this time..

Screening up went well, all application and process to making a screen was successful this time round.





Once dried, I wanted to see how clean the screen would print so I screened a few proof prints on newsprint paper, to understand the application of the process, just using black paint. I tried a few double prints, and moved the paper around to create layers, for experimental and curiosity reasons. Plus using coloured card, in which I purchased in bulk, to showcase the design on different colour elements, to see if it made a difference to way I see the design.

The prints came out well, but I was feeling free enough with using the screen holding apparatus, therefore opted to move onto the screen bed. This way I could feel the pressure in my hand of the rubber squeegee, plus it felt like less hassle having to manoeuvre the apparatus around after each print. On the screen bed I could spin and twist in whatever direction I wanted more freely. Thus creating more experimental and interesting prints.

I carried on using the coloured card, and tried different colours, and blending them colours. I stuck to using two primary colours as a base for my experiments, as to not make the colours muddy, and to keep things in as much control as I could. I also began using smaller coloured card in order to screen print/capture crops of the bigger design, thus creating individual smaller artworks. The process turned out to be enjoyable, yet incredibly time consuming, therefore only creating a few different variations, however, this is something to possibly venture into more!?


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