FMP – More Letterpress

Letterpress is something I never thought i’d be interested in, but my latest designs have shown me that it is something to venture into more. I am not using letterpress in the conventional sense, I am almost ‘potato printing’ if you will, but my results are proving really hopeful. In terms of results, I am still not entirely sure what I am looking for as a final product, but in a way it is ok because I am not ‘stressing’ to create something perfect or definitive.

This project is all about process, and creating imagery through unusual thinking and unconventional development through print.

INFACT! – I had a great conversation with a fellow student who spoke about their father not understanding the thoughts behind people suffering with a mental illness, which is possibly because that students father has never experienced that of another persons problem. Which in turn, I thought was a fascinating thing for us to discuss about, as it ties in with my project methodology.

People WITHOUT mental health issues, or mental health issues that are a usual amount for a person to cope and deal with which do not require treatment, do find it difficult to understand a mental health patients perspective. However, people WITH a mental health illness can also find it hard to understand another person WITH mental health issues, due to everyone experiencing and feeling differently and individually. In short – people can never feel that of another person, either in good health or not.

And my project is trying to create ^just this^. I want my project to make a person feel confused, uncomfortable, interested, curious and above all unable to understand something. I want them to feel just as helpless, dark, confused, as that of a person that might suffer with severe anxiety troubles, or schizophrenia. Through my unconventional typographical imagery, I want to illustrate that confusing and unusual element of the person suffering with mental health issues, and for people to be aware that it is a real horror and dark place for some people to live with.

Therefore, with that in mind, my project is still ongoing and I have been creating some unusual typographical imagery on a combination of coloured card. It almost looks like a sort written language, or alien crop circles, or something of an alien concept. This is neither good or bad, it just is. and that’s ok…




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