Business card business

Along with a CV and a Portfolio for self promoting, there must also be a business card, Details card, in order to give away so someone has a little piece of you to remember by when needing some artwork or creative service.

For my business card, I got my Graphic Designer hat on and set out looking at inspiration examples on I have recently been given a MOO sample pack with various samples of paper, business cards, invitations and all sort of wonderful promoting materials. I was so pleased with the quality of the products from this sample pack, that I thought of no other reason to go somewhere else.

On the MOO website, there are plenty, if not too many, choices and examples of business cards to look through.

For my business card I wanted something that communicated ME. Of course, I wanted every detail on a card so people could contact me in the best way they wanted to, not just forcing them to look at your website, but to also provide them with my phone number for a human to human conversation if need be.

For a ‘design’ aspect, I also think its important to promote my work wherever I can, so therefore I felt I needed to put some little preview of my work, whether it was onto one side, or on the back, interlaced with the text information…I wasn’t sure, that’s why I look at examples.

I opted for a Mini Card, purly to get out the conventional business card size, I mean – I am a designer – so why not do something a little different.  When thinking about what preview of artwork to put on it, I was thinking of placing the text to one side and having the artwork on another, same front a back…





…Although, when talking a fellow student about this idea, it was suggested that people wouldn’t understand, and it looked very cluttered and slightly unconsidered. Therefore, back to the drawing board, I chose white text on a black background to give a sense of class, and also it compliments the style of my Visual Arts Portfolio (click here to see). Then, designed to have my information all on one side, so everything was there that a client needed, with a surprising tiny piece of artwork on the back. I chose this idea, to have the back side a showcase for my artwork due to it being an interesting approach to a business card, but also a further (smaller) platform in which my artwork can sit on. Plus, once the client see’s the artwork, it can prompt questions and thoughts, which would lead into a discussion, something to talk about when meeting, and ice breaker…A SELLING POINT!

When looking at the MOO card design builder, it states that a pack of 100 cards can have up to a 100 different designs. So, I opted to have 100 cards with each 10 cards having a different piece of artwork on them, like a miniature exhibition (collect them all). Also, making the cards look for professional and considered, I chose for them to have rounded edges and a gloss finish. BOOM.


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