FMP- More More Letterpress

Back in the letterpress lab for even further experimental letterpress typography. I have been using the term illustrative letterpress this week, so perhaps that is what I should be calling it.

Anyway, on my previous post I spoke about trying to use words associated with Mental Health and using them to further some unusual thinking, and illustrative letterpress printing, but this time round I just went into experimenting with interesting shapes (letters) and typographical symbols (question marks etc.)

My experiments got off to a flying start as I have begun to form a rhythm of creating this illustrative typography prints, and but also, tried to keep away from symmetrical for a few designs. Again, not over thinking the placements, or trying to make it ‘look like something’, I want it to be an irrational process of printing and keeping a clear mind of, with no specific colours or styles involved.

I guess you could call that the methodology of this project, creating without trying to be creative, just allowing a natural flow to communicate what I feel when illustrating my own Mental Health experiential thoughts, through an unconventional way of using letterpress.

For this project, I have created a good series of illustrations, and will now begin a process of bringing these together, in either a moving image/film or as a display piece with a title.


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