FMP – Research – The School Of Life

To further my typographical illustrations, I have been thinking about how to reproduce them for selling purposes. The book alone is a nice collection for them to all sit along side the descriptions of mental health. To make the prints themselves into a product for people to buy will be a nice addition to this project.

I have been introduced to The School Of Life of which make publications and novelty items of ‘Tools for a thoughtful life’. Among many of their products I came across these Aphorism Cards in a boxed set. Aphorisms are short, pithy statements designed to provoke a thrill of recognition at valuable, amusing, dark and perhaps awkward truths.






I love the idea of this as an object, by the looks for the picture the quality of the print, paper and box looks very considered to be a lovely object.

Also along side those cards, was a boxed set of poems in the same format, different colour, and again took my eye as a create object piece. The website says that ‘These short poems are easily remembered, so they come to mind at the right times. When we possess them they live with us.’






Also another product I noticed, were a set of Confidence Cards. 60 prompt cards with ideas and questions to help us to find confidence and battle against timidity.






These three items, I thought, felt a little similar to what I have been creating. Therefore, my thoughts at the moment are to re-print my type illustrations, along with the Mental Health quote of the back, and make them into a separate print set of which I could sell.

Watch this space….


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