FMP – Types Of Mental Health

Types of mental health is the name I have given to this project.

The name is a play of words which signifies a few things:

  • I have been producing illustrations using letterpress, to try and produce an uncontrolled, irrational, and confusing pieces of artwork, which I am trying to illustrate the feelings of Mental Health problems through this process and the artworks themselves. Therefore, the word ‘Types’ in the title relates to the fact that I am using typography tools to make art.
  • To display my new found artworks in relation to this description of my work, I am using the charity MIND in order to collect information of different Mental Health problems that people suffer with, therefore, the title responds to the different types of mental health I can find.
  • Bringing both descriptions and illustrations together, I will be showcasing them in the form of a quotes book, of which quotes have been taken from

Producing my book on InDesign was key for positioning and layout. I wanted my book to have a simple, intimate and personal attachment to the reader, so I opted for simple photo and text combination spread.

I have looked at an artist Lucy Lane from which I got some inspiration from her quote books.







Creating a cover for the book was purely based on type. Due to the nature of the artwork, I wanted to use the letterpress style for the title and cover. I decided to highlight the key words, so that the title could be read in different ways:

  1. Types of illustrative typography art therapy to help relieve symptoms of mental health
  2. Types of mental health
  3. Type art therapy
  4. Illustrative typography art therapy to help relieve symptoms of mental health









I have my book printed from a professional printers, for better paper quality and for a softcover, glue bound, finish.

Below are images of a few pages within the book…




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