Internship placement – Hyde Hall Trip

This week I had a great opportunity to go with a couple of classes from the school to Hyde Hall Gardens.

I had my own group of 6 children, which was my responsibility for making sure there stuck together, followed through with their work sheets and assisted with activities within the day trip. There day was about teaching the kids about plants, and flowers. We had presentations from the workers at the Garden, which showed the children seeds and products made from what the plants produce, such as wheat and cotton.

On this trip the children had to do a lot of writing about the plants, however I saw an opportunity to get some drawings from my group.

Once the presentations and the tour was over, I sat with the children whilst they done some drawings and paintings of some of the flowers they had seen. The workers at the Garden had set up activity areas and one table was full of art materials so the children could draw and paint plants. Other tables had things to do, such as looking at seeds, planting seeds, exploring animals and things.









Luckily the whether was nice!




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