Internship placement – Feedback

During my time at Richmond Primary school, I have learnt a lot about career choices. Teaching as career has always been something I always thought I’d be good at. I have patience for people learning, and I feel I have good people skills in order to communicate something correctly, calmly, and politely. Working with children from ages of 5 to 10 can, and is, a struggle when in groups. One to one, I think would be easier. Although I have enjoyed my time interning at Richmond school, I have been exhausted after every workshop day. Not only physically, but also mentally. The children as completely enthusiastic about quests coming in to do some work with them, and get very excited when they have a chance to get messy and creative. This is wonderful, I bounce off their excitement, but it does begin to take a toll on my concentration and focus.

Each day has always been different, a good different. There’s always that one child whom keeps asking you questions. There’s one that stares right at you, and you know they don’t get anything your saying. On the other hand, some stare in amazement and listen contentedly. There’s those who just want to tell you something about themselves, out of the blue, especially if one of their relatives has the same name as you (three times that happened). There’s the child who always wants you to do their work for them, because “I’m better at art than them”, is their excuse. There are the naughty kids who don’t want to do anything but make paper aeroplanes, or wants to talk to this friend all day.

Yet, there are those who listen carefully, take mental notes, and want to do something special. Those how take their time, take it slow and carefully, thinking about their work progress (painting or drawing). There are those who ask for help when they need it, and help others the same. The ones with great questions to ask, and some that have an answer for everything!

I did enjoy my time at Richmond, and I would happily go back to do some more workshops. The staffs are great, and it is a great school, and of course the children are the best part of that. However, I do feel with my skill set and multiple techniques to share, I would suit higher education; maybe college level.

So, as it has come to the end of a great 60 hour work placement, I made a comments document which I had handed round to teachers of the classes I had been in, and asked them for a few comments on my interaction, skills, workshops, children progression and an overall review on my being there.


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