Portfolio Curation

Creating my portfolio was fun!

For page layout and grid purpose I decided upon a 2X2 grid system. I chose this layout due to it allowing up to four landscape images max, without the images being too small, also allowing me to add a larger image on either side portrait or landscape, this allowed me to utilise my space. This meant I could be consistent throughout the layout, plus it restricted me to only edit and select specific images which showcased my best work, without being over cluttered with images.

To optimise my use of text, I chose to display my portfolio as a series of projects, to tell a sort of story. Going for my best work first, good work middle, and best work last. I run the layout of project like this:

  • Final outcome – full size images (as many as needed)
  • Complimenting smaller images of making process
  • Text – Title of project, and small summary
  • Sketchbook images – relevant and readable

Using this method of layout, it allows the viewer to read my work backwards – viewing the final outcome, then images of that outcome being made, then sketchbook to see development. The text of summary helps the reader understand why I made that work, any important research made, and the title of project.

The background for my portfolio is a high-resolution fabric texture. I chose this as it makes a change from the pure black background. Having a textured background allows the images and text to pop out of the page further, which is always pleasing to the eye. I subtly edited the background to  lighter black to give the background presence of being there, which also helped give my images further presence on the page.

The font for my portfolio, is Franklin Gothic (family). I chose this font as it is clear to read, sharp on the edges, and has a font family of variations. Using Medium for my name on the front and project titles. Then using Book as the portfolio title in italics, which helped separate the main heading. Also using Book Regular for any text within the portfolio.

It was also suggested to me by a tutor to add in a contact line on each page of the PDF, for security and copyright reasons. I chose to add this in, very faint, vertically set on the left, so not to distract from the artworks. Plus utilising the end page by adding all my contact details.

In terms of image choice, I wanted to choose images which were of course excellently photographed, but which also showcased every aspect of my time at university. I wanted to display as many workshop processes as I could, which helps the viewer see my diversity of illustration and image making. This also helps strengthen my portfolio, but having a range of skills and techniques to display and talk about.

I kept my projects to a minimum, only showing my best ones. I have presented my most current work, and also my favourite work. Plus, I added in a spread about some voluntary teaching I do, which is also for my work placement, as this demonstrates and understanding of working with people, and shows a small personality trait within my portfolio.

To see my portfolio please click this link – https://indd.adobe.com/view/f5300bc6-a54f-4f32-9046-50e8a1de5d1d



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