Portfolio Investigations

I have a clear image in mind of what I would like my portfolio to look like. As a great contrast, black and white always works, there’s no doubt about it. With added splashes of colour, I think this will always grab attention to the reader. So, to create my portfolio I needed to look into what other professionals have produced based on my thoughts. I wanted my portfolio to just be a PDF based portfolio, however, as I will produce a high quality portfolio, it would be great to create something that could be made into a book, or have printed out to showcase my art. I have done an internet based search to get a feel what for is being produced in the online world, as that’s where my portfolio will predominantly sit.

With these portfolios I’ve found I think I have a creative reference to base my ideas from. I like the simplistic thin typeface of some portfolios. It looks considered and has a classy aspect to it. The fact that all the letters are the same height, gives it a good readability and legibility ratio. Within the images there are some books I have selected. This is to emphasise the my portfolio could possibly be made into book form, so I will be creating my portfolio in InDesign, as if I’m making a book layout, therefore in the future I can get it printed if I want to. Considering a book layout format, helps with including text and image place meant, not only for online on screen purposes but also considering print. The text within some portfolios is very short, a title and one sentence description at most, however, some are more lengthy. I feel I want to give a short explanation of my working project, not so much the process I went through. I want to allow the images to speak for themselves. Which brings me onto image placement and layout. I want my portfolio to come across like I have thought about the graphic design aspect of layout, grid, font format, and image placement. With this in mind I much prefer a more grid structure layout, I like the idea of larger and small images on a spread, but in a consistent arrangement. A big full page image is always something that appeals to a reader, with an additional selection of images to help bring that image to a more substantial purpose.

Although most of the images I have selected are in sleeve display books, or printed books, I will be showcasing my portfolio (of university work) as a boxed set. An artist A3 boxed portfolio, with artworks in glass clear sleeves. This was suggested to me by a tutor. However, I agree with how professional it looks, and always brings something different to the table. The images within a box can be re-arranged, added to, and moveable. I will not dismiss the idea of a printed book, but once its printed its indefinite, no adding or changing, unless buying and printing another book.

I will be using these images as reference to build up my portfolio, which will showcase my professional work curation and final outcomes of university to be assessed.



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