First thoughts of wisdom

To kick this brief off, I needed to find out the meaning of Wisdom,

the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise:

I have always believed that wisdom comes to a person through time. As the saying goes; the wise old man. Experience is gained through a lengthy time of doing something. The knowledge gained from that experience is because of the patience and understanding of an experience through time. Because of the time and experience spent doing something the further a good judgement can be placed, therefore – as the definition says – achieving a quality of being wise.

Time is relevant to all of these aspects. The time it takes for a person to develop skills, techniques, patience and knowledge of something. The time it takes for nature to develop a knowledge of its surroundings. Time for a person gather information and knowledge about themselves and with time helping push that development of a person steadily along.

Therefore I want to look at how I can show time through a series of three posters, which in turn shows the development within the time of the posters as well.

Starting with a spider diagram of my thoughts about how to communicate time, what is relevant to time, and how time can be seen as a quality of wisdom. I have taken my approach of looking more into clocks, and the mechanical moving parts of a clock, as it requires patience and understanding in order to build a clock. With clock, I also want to look at the aging of a person to suggest that person becoming a ‘Wise Old Man’.

I turned my attention to how I can show time throughout three posters. I like the idea of having them in sequence to each other, telling a story and possibly showing a development of artwork techniques. My first idea is a rough drawing – my thoughts behind this is quite simply an exploding clock. I want to show the clock exploding, like a universe, and on next poster, that clock getting closer to the viewer, so’s when three posters are next to each other you can see the narrative of a clock exploding through the air. Plus for each poster, I am thinking of producing on at each development stage i.e one poster in pencil drawing, second poster in black and white inked finish, and the third poster in full colour. This will allow the viewer to see a progression through the posters, to illustrate a progression through time.

Within each poster, I will include (within the explosion) a plane of glass, like on a watch, of which will have a reflection of a face. On the first poster I would like to have a young face, the second face a bit older, then the third face on the third poster much older. This will illustrate further insight into aging, becoming old and becoming more wise.

Becoming wise through time…


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