Nous Vous Displays

As our group have devised an idea to have workshop within our summer show exhibition, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Nous Vous have done a very similar thing at one of their exhibitions. Nous Vous have a Residency exhibition held up at The Tetley in Leeds entitled The Watery Line. Unfortunately, their webaite does not say a lot of the subject, I could only grab a few pictures.

The exhibition and display looks to be a very organic, natural display of items. The wooden frames of which hold artworks upon, are a nice display piece themselves. Something very considered and thoughtfully decided upon. I like the fact that Nous Vous do a lot of 3D illustration. This gives their exhibitions a lot of diversity in moving around displays, and curation of the displays themselves. Instead of hanging or sticking 2D works to the wall, or lying them flat on a table, Nous Vous use their 3D objects as a way to direct the viewer around the floor. As far as I can see from the photos there is no signage. I assume the artworks would be accompanied by a catalogue, or guide book of some sort. This is a good decision, as it give the artworks a chance to stand for themselves. It gives the viewer a chance to look at the illustration other than just reading a label.

However, the workshops are what I was most interested in.

The idea for our workshop was basically a continuous build a audience drawings onto post-it notes and having a designated wall for them to be placed upon. This gives our exhibition an interactive element which will allow people to feel more comfortable and active within the exhibition. Here, Nous Vous have small work stations set up to allow people to make some artwork to (possibly) be displayed upon being made. A great interactive element to a show/exhibition.



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