Beyond Limits Exhibition

An afternoon spent curating the exhibition space for the Beyond Limits final outcomes, with my peers. Good communication between students, and some lovely work on display. Many different outcomes and project subjects, each to their own style and unique-ness. A quick post to just show a few pictures I took of the event. Plus pictures … More Beyond Limits Exhibition

Poster Designs

Now I have established what I want my final outcomes to be for this project, I got onto designing my posters. I chose a futuristic, technology them. I wanted clean, precise and to the point. Minimal, not a lot of colour and to hint at what the future of human eye sight could be. Deliverables say … More Poster Designs

Brand Ideas

I have put together a simple idea that I have just thought of. A very graphic design approach, all done on pc. However, I am not sure about what font I want to brand my concept device with, so I have gathered as many futuristic fonts as I can, as this is the style I … More Brand Ideas

Beyond Deliverables

Moving along with my project, Neuron Vision, I thought about making a 3D model of my bionic augmented reality eyeball. So I began drafting out some technical/mechanical drawings, to have a more accurate design in place. However I do not feel I would have time to make a model, or find the parts I need … More Beyond Deliverables

Neurology Research

I found a fantastic TED Talk on bionic prosthetics. I wanted to find out how far the technology has come along in terms of futuristic, dystopian designs. What is spoken about in the video is how the use of data, formed from technical diagnostics, of movement through the human body, can help develop designs for … More Neurology Research

Neuron Vision Video

This is a concept video I made, like a trailer, for my idea of the augmented reality eyeball. I have called it Neuron Vision, because the device would be powered by the electric neurons produced in the human nervous system. Check out the video below!

Sketching Ideas

Here is a collection of sketches for my augmented eyeball project idea. I have tried to think about how it could be inserted into the skull, and connected into the nervous system/brain. I have looked at aspects like design, use and realism/practicality. My design processes stems from a camera lens looking piece for the eyesight. … More Sketching Ideas