The Color Company

I have been trying to get a comic book printed, a specific size, quality, price, specific type of paper and with quality print control. After going to a few printing shops in London, they have all failed to produce or even understand what I was after. However at the end of a long day I … More The Color Company

Evaluate and Reflection – Editorial

Editorial illustration is a main point of what I would associate being an illustrator is all about. Illustration comes from the latin term ‘Illustro’ which means to Enlighten. Meaning an illustrator is someone who enlightens. This falls into Editorial illustration perfectly. The main objective of this project was to be able to manipulate text/articles into forms of … More Evaluate and Reflection – Editorial

Evaluate and Reflection – Moving Image

This project was a great insight into how I can make my artwork into something else. A moving image. Getting illustration to another level of practice. I enjoyed research into various types of motion imagery which really sparked ideas and inspired me to try out different things. Making try outs of different motion imagery was extremely valuable … More Evaluate and Reflection – Moving Image