Evaluate and Reflection – Moving Image

This project was a great insight into how I can make my artwork into something else. A moving image. Getting illustration to another level of practice. I enjoyed research into various types of motion imagery which really sparked ideas and inspired me to try out different things. Making try outs of different motion imagery was extremely valuable … More Evaluate and Reflection – Moving Image

Animation Outcome

Above is the final animation video for the moving image project. I have taken the comic book I made from the Getting Weird Project, and made it into a motion comic book. I did the whole animation using layers and frames within Photoshop. I scanned my inks (from the comic book) into P and cut out all … More Animation Outcome

Animation Boiling Test

Here is a quick animation I put together to use the boiling effect. I have chosen a random picture from my favourite TV series, The Walking Dead. I drew the image 3 times, one drawing on its own separate layer. I then placed each drawing into frames, with a random selection of layers for each frame, thus … More Animation Boiling Test

Animation Research

Looking into different styles of animation, I am trying to find something I connect with. I love the idea of stop motion animation, it can create some really wonderful and weird movies. However, I may be thinking a little to ambitiously for this short project. I looked into a current feature film completely using stop … More Animation Research