I have compiled a selection of mood boards to help me further exploration into imagery, and use as reference.

My first one is about exploding clocks. I have found imagery that contains the short of content I want to be looking at. Lots of different parts of clock gears and cogs. Some are tattoos, some are drawings, some are digital, and some are photographes. I find, the more real imagery I have to base my ideas and drawings from the further realistic and more professional my outcome will be. Looking at the exploding clocks, i can see many screws and coils and cogs. I am thinking it might be quite a good idea to use photoshop ( adobe package) to help render my image. As the clock is exploding some things will become ‘out of focus’. If i was photographing something, the closer, or further the image the more it will blur as i focus on the opposite. I can use photoshop to replicate this by blurring some of the drawing in the foreground to create an even more realistic explosion.





For my second moodboard, i have created a reference guide to type of approach i would take into drawing a wise old man. I have actually been quite stereotypical about it. A long white beard, glasses perhaps, old. However, the adobe brief does state to try and not use words, therefore the more stereotypical i go the more easily people would be able to read the imagery.


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