3D drawings

The above pictures relate to my last post really well. I mentioned how important shadows are to my illustrative practice. This photos show this exceptionally well. If were not for the shadows, these drawings would be half as good as they look in the pictures. The shadows give depth and perspective and form. This type … More 3D drawings

Creative Shadows

Above are just a collection of images I have chosen to show, because I like them. I like them because they are normal photographs. However taken in a certain lighting they become something else entirely. The creative use of shadows can form many shapes. They can also show us a form of any shape. It is imperative … More Creative Shadows

From the Shadows

Looking at the pictures I took, I experimented with only extracting the shadows from the photos. I thought this experimentation compliments the title of the project quite well. If I can I am hoping to make the shadows move across the page to demonstrate how the sun changes position, using the shadows. For now, here are … More From the Shadows

Shadow Photography

Related to the two week project of The Shadows, I thought I would take the opportunity to focus more on research to find out how important shadows are to photography. Perhaps, one of the most powerful uses of shadows is for the creation of contrast to produce a dramatic effect. Above is an image that uses this … More Shadow Photography

Secret 7

A competition was held by a campaign called Secret 7. It was an optional project, outside of university, if we wanted to entre some work. Secret 7 offered seven different music tracks, ranging from old to new music. It was up to the artist (me) to listen to this track and get inspiration from the … More Secret 7

First collection

Out in my group of four. We went to one of our favourite places in London, Katherine’s Dock. It was a lovely sunny day and thought it be a good place to recuperate and sort ideas of the latest project. Photography can be used for so many purposes. To capture a wonderful moment, to document a … More First collection