Printing My Edition

Due to the nature of inkjet digital printers, I needed to print my book in batches of layers. One colour printout and the other greyscale. This is due to that fact that, when printing greys on inkjet, and the setting is set to print colour, the colours merge together to form a grey, and not … More Printing My Edition

Editions Prototypes

A week before hand in. The deadline nears… I feel I have a strong concept and idea for my Editions to now become something of a professional product. I had another feedback/critique with NousVous and my studio peers. I had put together a final rendition of my edition booklet to be critiqued. The above images … More Editions Prototypes

Edition Idea

The idea behind my Edition was to draw people in a café/coffee shop. To then capture the life inside that shop and use the atmosphere of noises and conversations, to bring the edition to life with text. However, the idea has spun from that into a more in-depth look at the different types of people … More Edition Idea

Editions Mock up

Had a little group tutorial with Nick from NousVous today. I had produced a mock up of the first draft of what I wanted my Editions publication to be like. Taking my drawings I had done at Costa Coffee, I wanted to convey them into a mini book of what my experience of that coffee … More Editions Mock up

Tutor feedback

Jay from Nous Vous was in today to give us a presentation of how to produce a mock/draft of a publication. The purpose of making a draft run of something is so that you can actually see it. It is vital part of professional practise. To have a draft product in your hands, it is … More Tutor feedback