Secret 7

A competition was held by a campaign called Secret 7. It was an optional project, outside of university, if we wanted to entre some work. Secret 7 offered seven different music tracks, ranging from old to new music. It was up to the artist (me) to listen to this track and get inspiration from the … More Secret 7

Parallel Exhibition

I went to visit the Exhibition Parallels by Harun Farock. I went to visit, as this is the exhibition I have chosen to do my poster/print project on. As you can see by the pictures it was a very bland, mundane experience. The screens where an impressive size, and the floating arrangement was nicely put … More Parallel Exhibition

The Art Of PingPong Event

The Art Of PingPong The Art Of PingPong event was a delight! I went there, met with a few other students.   First time I had been to the KK Outlet.   The music was booming, the alcohol was flowing and the paddles looked amazing! Great inspiration for putting on our own show!    

Lakwena Maciver

Visit Lawkenas Website  (Lakwena) Within Studio Culture Week, I also visited the studio at which graphic designer Lakwena Maciver is based. Again in Dalston, above a market, in purpose-built studio floors Lakwena has rented out a space in a studio shared with seven other people. First impression is what sprang to mind when meeting Lakwena. She … More Lakwena Maciver

Nous Vous Studio

This week was Studio Culture week. This meant that my fellow students and I went on a little field trip across London and visited some artists studios, where they do their work, so we could get a general sense of how a studio ‘works’. I chose the studio entitled Local Universe, to further my studies … More Nous Vous Studio