Alice Moloney

Alice Moloney Alice Moloney gave, what I thought, was a confident and engaging presentation, not only of her work but herself. She explained how graduating with MA in communication art and design, she wanted to stay living in London and went out seeking work to pay the bills. Work including private commissions, editorial and teaching. … More Alice Moloney

Making A Living Day 2

Second instalment of Making a living week, day two, we had some talks regarding real life struggles and opportunities. The talks consisted of a presentation by London Metropolitan’s business incubator; Accelerator .  The presentation took us through the ins and outs of how this accelerator launch-pad can help startup an idea or a project with … More Making A Living Day 2

Russell Weekes

Russell Weekes, a refreshing honest voice, with a passion for creativity. It was interesting to here Russell’s opinion of himself, as he descried himself not as an illustrator or a graphic designer, but ‘A way of thinking’. He explains this by talking about how his artwork is created and based on how he, or the audience, see’s … More Russell Weekes

We Made This

Alistair Hall, the founder, creator of, a company that works closely with clients and practitioners, printers and artist to create some remarkable objects and prints. Not only do they have an impressive range of clients, but some extremely beautiful work. Most of there work I can see, and which he spoke about was a brand … More We Made This