Updating my website

This website, is an ongoing project. As I weave in and out of the different themes, settings, colours, fonts, layouts and possibilities I am beginning to build a truly personal website. As of late I have now changed the theme to mixfolio, as I love how my posts are set into photo permalink grids. This … More Updating my website

Blog Update

Styling my blog has been a joy! I like to take my time and explore the variety in which I can present my website through WordPress. I have basically chosen my favourite theme style, my favourite colours, and displayed my top menu to easily select different parts of my work. Most recently I have updated my widgets … More Blog Update

Creating my website

To create a website/blog, I first needed to find out exactly what a website blog is. I gathered information from the internet about ‘what is a blog’. I found that a blog, or blogging, are types of posts on a website, so essentially I am making a website, to post on information, which are known as … More Creating my website