Concrete Zoo

The Southampton project lead me to creating 3D concrete zoo animal models, based from development of digital origami. See the full project here. Advertisements

Concrete Figures

For a final outcome I have chosen to develop my concrete zoo even further. By making into a reality. Taking the research and try outs I had done using the origami, then using that style and creating digital ones; I have used the shapes I created and made templates. To make these animals, I had … More Concrete Figures

Concrete Digital Zoo

Taking my development further from the origami fail, I’m glad I tried to make origami animals, as it has lead me onto creating something new. Having looked at another way in which to make origami type figures/shapes digitally, I decided to make 2D digital origami. For this I needed to create shape silhouettes of my chosen animals, and … More Concrete Digital Zoo

Text & Image

Providing text and image in one piece of artwork, to me, is the most clear and direct form of visual communication. A piece of text can take the form of any message; a spoken word, a sentence, a fact, some fiction, a slogan, even a whole 200 page novel. Words can be written, and read, … More Text & Image

Cropping Images

Taking some inspiration from the John Baldessari art book in my previous blog post here. I have also used a previous studio workshop where we were introduced to cropping images and creating different outcomes from a single image. This is another form of Visual Narrative. Below is a scan of my sketchbook. I explored a few … More Cropping Images

Zoo Research

Taking this project in a slightly different direction, I am almost thinking about some final outcomes; Or at least, what I would like to go forward to the end with. I have taken the text of Ann Vickers Southampton Zoo, and will focus on giving this written text some visual life. Making my premiere footage … More Zoo Research