J.H.Williams III

J.H.Williams III is one of the comic book artist greats! He is an artist who has progressed throughout his career with high standards. He has a fantastic dreamy, fantasy style of artwork. He uses this to compliment the narrative thorough a comic book by creating fluid transitions between abstract panel layouts. This book (in pictures), … More J.H.Williams III

3D drawings

The above pictures relate to my last post really well. I mentioned how important shadows are to my illustrative practice. This photos show this exceptionally well. If were not for the shadows, these drawings would be half as good as they look in the pictures. The shadows give depth and perspective and form. This type … More 3D drawings

JTR Development

Above  just a spread of my sketchbook, scanned in, to show some progress of what my comic style will look like. Taking influence from Comic Noir and Frank Millar. I have influenced my comic style over time but still need to polish it up, however this is the approach I will be taking for this … More JTR Development

Comic Style

To further my proposals of my communication brief/project I have purchased and collected a few books in order to help me research a style to communicate a story, based around the Jack The Ripper stories. I already know I want to communicate the story as a comic book style publication. I have begun researching into … More Comic Style

Comics behind the scenes

I like to review some comics I have read, but also just parts of the books. With some trade collection comic books (holds 6 issues) you also get some sketches and layouts in the back of the book. I think its great to see these parts of the artists work as it inspires me to draw more!      

Neurology Research

I found a fantastic TED Talk on bionic prosthetics. I wanted to find out how far the technology has come along in terms of futuristic, dystopian designs. What is spoken about in the video is how the use of data, formed from technical diagnostics, of movement through the human body, can help develop designs for … More Neurology Research


Wednesday is always new day. I go to my local comic store and get my subscriptions. Today I was overjoyed to see the new Batman:Detective Comics volume 6 Icarus was in stock. I have not read it yet, and this isn’t a review. I just wanted to show the enthusiasm I have for comic book … More Icarus


New Comic, a decade in the making. Artist Jim Lee. This is now my all time favourite comic of the year I think….don’t quote me on it though…ok at least top 5!