I have compiled a selection of mood boards to help me further exploration into imagery, and use as reference. My first one is about exploding clocks. I have found imagery that contains the short of content I want to be looking at. Lots of different parts of clock gears and cogs. Some are tattoos, some … More Moodboards

FMP – First Sketches

After looking at various charities for Mental Health awareness, which has been building up my sense of direction for this FMP. I still know that I want to create a narrative/campaign/series of artworks to showcase/illustrate and raise awareness to the darker side of what Mental Health issues can cause. I have seen there is a … More FMP – First Sketches

D&AD – Initial ideas

I am diving deep and meaningful into this brief. To find wisdom, to share wisdom, to give wisdom, without words. The brief states to “Pack and punch…heartfelt advice…introspective…think fun and life-affirming…all about the craft, real skill”. I have chosen a strong decision to do this without words, no matter how easier it would be to … More D&AD – Initial ideas

Zoo Research

Taking this project in a slightly different direction, I am almost thinking about some final outcomes; Or at least, what I would like to go forward to the end with. I have taken the text of Ann Vickers Southampton Zoo, and will focus on giving this written text some visual life. Making my premiere footage … More Zoo Research