I have compiled a selection of mood boards to help me further exploration into imagery, and use as reference. My first one is about exploding clocks. I have found imagery that contains the short of content I want to be looking at. Lots of different parts of clock gears and cogs. Some are tattoos, some … More Moodboards

Nous Vous Displays

As our group have devised an idea to have workshop within our summer show exhibition, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Nous Vous have done a very similar thing at one of their exhibitions. Nous Vous have a Residency exhibition held up at The Tetley in Leeds entitled The Watery Line. Unfortunately, their webaite does … More Nous Vous Displays

Signage System Research

Taking the feedback from our tutor about our summer show investigations and further explorations, one of the research response was to look into APFEL (A Practise For Everyday Life). First of all, great name! The company is a leading example of designers whom work within art direction, identities, publications, exhibitions, type design, signage, packaging, and digital. They have … More Signage System Research

Portfolio Curation

Creating my portfolio was fun! For page layout and grid purpose I decided upon a 2X2 grid system. I chose this layout due to it allowing up to four landscape images max, without the images being too small, also allowing me to add a larger image on either side portrait or landscape, this allowed me … More Portfolio Curation