Tutor Feedback

Look into Saul Bass poster designs   Similar Designs Developing a poster research The Exorcist’s most iconic image—the one that would eventually serve as its poster and movie box art—is of the moment that Father Merrin arrives at the MacNeil residence and, illuminated by a street lamp, looks up at the home. This image was inspired … More Tutor Feedback

Alternative Signs

As part 2 of the Signs and Language project. I have chosen to re-design an alternative for an old film based on the Jack The Ripper legend. As posters were on of the signs and languages I looked at, I got very inspired by the alternative posters that come out for movies. This made me … More Alternative Signs

Gathering research for project

I have chosen to create an alternative poster. To finish off my signs and language studio project. To link it with the area, I have chosen to also follow on from my Jack The Ripper mini project/brief, to create and alternative poster for each of the related film posters in this post (see gallery)


The above video is an amazing video that was shown to our studio. It was inspiration to get us thinking about signs and language. The video is amazingly detailed and presents logos and brand brilliantly. It just proves that we are surrounded by so much obvious brands and schemes that we don’t even take notice … More Logorama…