FMP – Time To Change

A campaign associated with Mind and Rethink Mental Illness called Time To Change has caught my eye in terms of helping mental health awareness, and the message it sends. Their campaign, and message, is about how the attitudes of others stop people with mental health problems getting the help and support they need. They are saying that too many people … More FMP – Time To Change

FMP – Artist Research: Melissa Sandstrom

In terms of research for artists, I have found an artist whom is a Graphic Designer + Illustrator. Melissa Sandstrom. Featured artist on Cargo Collective, a website for artists to promote themselves, Melissa has created a campaign for ALIVE Mental Health Fair. The ALIVE Mental Health Fair is an educational suicide prevention program aimed at … More FMP – Artist Research: Melissa Sandstrom

FMP – Artist Research: Toby Allen

Doing some further artist research into artists that have created illustrations for Mental Health awareness, I have come across artist Toby Allen. Toby is an alumni from Plymouth University, whom received a first class degree in illustration. He is currently producing an ongoing project entitled Real Monsters. Combining text and image, Allen had created monster … More FMP – Artist Research: Toby Allen


MIND is a charity in which supports mental health. It works with the NHS to provide the help and support that people may need it. I am using this as a starting point to gather information as their website has the greatest information and insight to mental health issues, of any kind. I am gathering the … More FMP-Mind