The Color Company

I have been trying to get a comic book printed, a specific size, quality, price, specific type of paper and with quality print control. After going to a few printing shops in London, they have all failed to produce or even understand what I was after. However at the end of a long day I … More The Color Company

J.H.Williams III

J.H.Williams III is one of the comic book artist greats! He is an artist who has progressed throughout his career with high standards. He has a fantastic dreamy, fantasy style of artwork. He uses this to compliment the narrative thorough a comic book by creating fluid transitions between abstract panel layouts. This book (in pictures), … More J.H.Williams III

Evaluate and Reflection – Communication

I believe I have captured the correct imagery, atmosphere, construction and balance in my comic book to a high standard. I wanted to really push my narrative illustration skills with this last project. Looking at the comic noir style from Frank Millar helped me develop my drawings for this style of novel. Looking at J.H.Williams‘ psychedelic style helped … More Evaluate and Reflection – Communication

Comic PSD Cover

Further mock ups. In order to visualise my comic book outcome to its full finish I have created these images. Using PSD cover actions in Photoshop I have created these renditions. This has helped me realise that I needed to adjust my pages and colours and techniques even more. This digitally rendered book has made … More Comic PSD Cover

Designing a cover

  Designing a cover is always great. Following from the Frank Millar style of artwork, I knew I wanted a text free cover. Black and white is always a good impact, very contrasting, catches the eye and can give great illusionary effects. Plus as the comic noir style runs through the comic, its only natural to have … More Designing a cover

Comic Book Inks

As I have drawn a few pages of my proposed Jack The Ripper comic book. I have then developed this by Using an ink pen to finish out the detail. I have then scanned them into Photoshop, to save time, in putting in the flats (black). Here are some pages which have been finished so … More Comic Book Inks

Comic Book Pencils

After compiling some thumbnails, based on the script I have chosen to illustrate for this project, I have begun to start drawing out the panels and pages in pencil. I am using a comic art board page layout, which I made myself, in order to know where the book will be cropped, binding, and to … More Comic Book Pencils

JTR Development

Above  just a spread of my sketchbook, scanned in, to show some progress of what my comic style will look like. Taking influence from Comic Noir and Frank Millar. I have influenced my comic style over time but still need to polish it up, however this is the approach I will be taking for this … More JTR Development

JTR Script

I have sourced this fantastic script of a jack the ripper story, but more of an introduction to an even bigger story, however I feel this is a great script for what I want to illustrate. It has tone, atmosphere, attitude and feels very dark, in the sense that we get a glimpse inside Jack’s … More JTR Script